About Upmarket Academy

Filled with potential and boosted by millions of dreams and aspirations, India is developing faster in every domain. At Upmarket Academy, we are propelled by the thought and ambition that makes India charge ahead and acquire a prominent place in the global market.

By creating investment opportunities, enabling access, and empowering our stakeholders, we hope to catalyze India’s growth story.

With our smart, fast, and diligent approach, we aim to have an impact across the investment ecosystem. In a world evolving by the second, we are becoming the change we want to see.

Our ambition to greet our nation with the best investors and traders directs us toward a brighter tomorrow.

Story behind UpMarket Academy

Founded on 23rd february 2021, UpMarket Academy Private Limited is recognized as a stock market trading academy/institution, a home to millennials seeking to learn stock market trading and become an expert.

Teaching trading to young minds and watching them grow is our sole motive. Our founder, Mr. Divvyam Parashar believes in educating people about trading and making young India the expert in stock market trading.

We work to build a second source of income for people through the stock market and educate people about it, making our nation grow in the field of investing.

Divvyam Parashar

Founder and CEO

The Indian retail traders deserve an opportunity to befittingly contribute to the growth of national economy, In which stock market holds an integral position. Dearth of proper guidance compelled many budding investors and traders to take a step back from this lucrative field and here is where the inception of Upmarket Academy took place. We as a company aim bulls eye at fostering impeccable trading careers by instrumentalising our intricately curated skill development strategies.



Aaditya Taneja

Director and COO

People have misconceptions about trading and gambling, and making them understand the difference is essential. UpMarket Academy is not only about trading or investing training but also teaches you the from fundamentals to advance knowledge of both, so there would be no such misconception!

We aim to let our youth understand how financial knowledge is essential, how trading can help them become financially independent, and how they can succeed. 

We aim to guide them on the path to travel with knowledge, hands-on training, and confidence.

After all, when our youth step forward in the field of finance, there would be no more barriers for India to become the best financially established nation.

Mission & Vision


UpMarket Academy works with a thought process to create a financial fraternity by providing world-class investment guidance and education.


We envision achieving our mission by implementing ethical and global market practices and helping numerous youth to trade smarter and better with our experience.

Our Leadership Team

Sourabh Nagar CMO (1)

Sourabh Nagar

Associate Marketing Director

Core Values

UpMarket Academy follows 2 core principles – be determined towards your passion and don’t let failure fail you!

Why Upmarket Academy for Students etc.

Our CEO and mentor, Divvyam Parashar, strongly believes in building a robust foundation where a trader can make a mistake at every level. Our mentorship and support will definitely help you become a profitable trader and make your own road to success.

Why UpMarket Academy?
Charting Technology Partner for our Learning Platform

Upmarket Academy has partnered with TradingView for its charting technology. A comprehensive trading platform

providing market insights and advanced charts through which users can conveniently track the price of different

instruments like dow futures and eur usd.